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The only platform that doesn't sell your patient data!
We don't earn money from you by selling your patient data as leads to other doctors.

Other apps encourage YOU to tell your OWN patients to consult with you on THEIR app. Let's call these X apps. Once your patients download this X app, they find other doctors. Say you're a Pediatrician who just asked their patients to go download this X app to consult with you. Now this X app is making money by selling your patient data (not all at once) to other Pediatricians in your area by offering these doctors more patients for in-person physical appointments over say a course of months or year.

With GoodConsult, if you're a Pediatrician who is doing a consultation with their own patients on Lybrate, your patients will never see another Pediatrician. There's no way to search for another pediatrician. And if we can't show another Pediatrician to your patients, we can't ask for money from other Pediatricians by showing your patients. Period.

Your patients can see YOU only, NOT other Doctors

When you use GoodConsult to consult with your patients on Lybrate, your patients do not see other doctors. They see only YOU. They can't search other doctors from your specialty.

How does Lybrate make money from GoodConsult?

We strongly believe one doesn't need to be UNETHICAL or GREEDY or BAD to make money. Whenever your patient consults with you on Lybrate, we charge a 10% Internet Handling Fee on top of your consultation fee to the patient. The complete consultation amount is transferred to your bank account while keeping the Internet Handling Fee to run our own house. It's similar to the fee charged by BookMyShow when you book a movie ticket online.

No hidden fees, no setup fee, no management fee. Ever. That's our promise to you.

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Complete peace of mind, compliant with Telemedicine Guidelines
Automatic Recordings
Text, Phone and Video calls with patients recorded as per guidelines
Hassle free patient data
Medical history of patient captured even before start of the consultation
Valid Prescriptions
E-prescriptions in compliance with guidelines
Security of Patient Data
We don't sell your patient data as leads to other doctors
Industry First, Best in Class Telemedicine Platform
Over 6 years of Telemedicine experience, launched first in 2014
Automatic Payments
Payments made by patients automatically transferred to your bank account in T+3 days
Detailed Reporting
View and download report of all the online consultations
Easily generate e-prescriptions with a tap of your finger
Chat, Talk, or See
Supports all forms of consultations - text, audio or video
Just like Whatsapp
Easy and intuitive interface with zero learning required
Archive Consultations
Focus on what's required right now and archive past consultations
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