Eliminate "where's that record!?" anxiety with Lybrate.

Whether you need a x-ray, or need to know the treatment done three weeks or even six months ago, it's always in Lybrate.

Earlier I used to manage my patients by adding them as a contact in my phone. And use to take notes manually. Now with Lybrate, I've everything in one place and it let's me do 10 different things from one place. I never worry about changing phones since I know I can always download Lybrate's mobile app and also access everything from my laptop anytime. Even mind has it's own limits, but Lybrate has no limits!

Dr. Hiten (Dombivli)

All your case history in one place.

From only one record to thousands, it's safe when you keep them on Lybrate.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.
Sometimes you need to know the history when a patient calls but your diary is not with you. That's never a problem if you use Lybrate.

Lybrate's gorgeous mobile apps let's you see all records of a specific patient with a single tap.
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