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Posted by Lybrate on Jul 19, 2013

We're excited to announce a new feature that makes it easier to manage patient's treatment records.
Modify & Delete Visits
Selected a wrong patient while recording a visit? Want to add discounts post visit? Want to modify treatments? Want to delete visits of test patients you created during your trial period? Well, we heard you and now you can edit and delete visits anytime until 30 days from visit creation date. Why 30 days? We thought a lot about this problem and realized we need to find a balance between providing flexibility and preventing misuse. Thirty days are adequate to modify visits, correct mistakes for genuine reasons. However, should you need more than 30 days occasionally for a particular use case, just drop us an email! Access ability to edit and delete individual visit from Patient Details page.
Add Discounts while Recording a Visit
You could always modify the price for each treatment while recording a visit. However, wouldn't it be nice to specify a discount so that your patients feel they're getting more value when they see a discount on the invoice you printed from Lybrate? Next time you're recording a visit (or you can even edit existing visits!), specify the discount amount in either percentage or absolute rupees.
iPhone App
We submitted our gorgeous iPhone app to Apple for review this weekend and expect it to be approved within a week or two. The app is so simple and yet so magical that we believe you'll instantly love the app. Can't wait for you to use the app on your iPhone. If you're using an Android phone, you can download and install Lybrate from Google Play Store.